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Double-clad Yb-doped fiber
BrightCore’s Double-Clad Large Mode Area (LMA) Yb doped fibers are few-moded with a low NA and large core diameter. They are optimally designed to lower the non-linearity and facilitate high power laser output with high beam quality. Manufactured with a proprietary process and optimal glass composition, these fibers offer superior laser conversion efficiency and photo-darkening performance. All BrightCore double-clad fibers are made with improved low index coating and are proof tested at 100kpsi level to ensure reliability, consistency and stability. They are widely used in material processing, additive manufacturing, laser cleaning, scientific research and medical applications.
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Tight geometric tolerance

Low photo-darkening

Low non-linearity

Medium or high power fiber lasers and amplifiers

CW or pulsed fiber lasers and amplifiers

Materials Processing, scientific research and medical

Nonlinear optics

Laser ranging

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