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About BrightCore

Core Competence

• First class specialty optical fifiber R&D team with extensive experience in the design, developmentand manufacturing of specialty fifibers.

• Core competence in preform manufacturing, rare earth doping, specialty fifiber drawing and specialized test and measurement capabilities.

• Successfully commercialized large mode area double-clad ytterbium doped fifibers. The products arewidely used in fifiber laser and component manufacturers.

• Versatile doping technologies allow flflexibility and quick turn-around for a variety of dopant designsincluding Er, Er/Yb, Tm and Ho, etc.


Commitment To Quality

Comprehensive testing methods together with strict process control are adopted to ensure the excel lent performance and good batch consistency of our products. The company has a mature quality management system to ensure stringent quality control and has been certifified for ISO 9001 quality management, ISO 14001 and OHSAS . The products we produced comply with the ROHS and REACH standards.



With world-class MCVD equipment, doping system and advanced speciality fifiber drawing tower, the plant has stable and effiffifficient production capacity, which can meet the market demand and ensure reliable supply to the customers.


After-Sale Support

• Provide professional technical support and after-sales service

• Listen to customer needs

• Fast respond

• Solve customer problems effiffifficiently.

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